Tankless Instant Shower Water Heater DIY Installation

Installation Manual.pdf

DANGER Electrocution


Safety & Precautions

Intended useGeneral Information
Operate the appliance only when fully installed and with all safety
equipment fitted. Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Failure to comply with installation and operating instructions or improper use voids the warranty.

  • DANGER Injury: Please read and follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury or death.
  • Damage to the appliance and the environment: The appliance must be installed by a licensed electrician and plumber. The installation must comply with all national, state and local plumbing and electrical codes. Service of the appliance must be performed by qualified service TECHNICIANS.
  • DANGER Electrocution: Before proceeding with any installation or adjustment. alteration or service of this appliance to all circuit breakers and disconnect switches servicing the appliance must be turned off. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury or death.
  • DANGER Electrocution: Never remove the appliance‘s cover unless the electricity servicing the appliance is turned off. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or death.

In case you have questions regarding the installation, operation, use or the way you plan to use the Tankless water heater, please call the support service line at +91 9951 3320 86 or email us at support@walkaline.biz

Tankless water heaters can be used as a point of use in open outlet bathroom shower type applications in India

  • This appliance is designed for domestic use. It can be used safely by untrained persons. The appliance can also be used in a non-domestic environment, e.g. in a small business, as long as it is used in the same way.
  • The appliance is intended for heating domestic hot water and can supply one draw-off point.
  • Any other use beyond that described shall be deemed inappropriate.
  • Observation of these instructions is also part of the correct use of this appliance.

Tankless water heater differs from conventional storage
type water heaters /Geysers in several ways. 

  • It does not store hot water. Instead, water is heated instantaneously as it flows through the unit. 
  • Powerful heating elements are activated by shower flow as water is drawn from hot water shower accessories connected to the Tankless water heater. 
  • Due to the absence of stand-by losses, the Tankless water heater has greater energy efficiency than storage type water heaters.

The temperature of the hot water delivered by the Tankless water heater depends on the wattage of the heating element, the temperature of the incoming cold water, and the water flow rate through the unit. In order for the Tankless water heater to operate properly, it must be carefully matched to the application.

Diagram: Electric Tankless Instant Shower Water Heater installation

Installation & Instruction Manual:

  1. M5 MANUAL.pdf

Remove plastic cover

Mounting the unit

  • Pick a location for your shower water heater that is near the main cold water supply and away from circuit breaker switch
  • Mount the unit securely to the wall by putting two screws through mounting holes. Screws and plastic wall anchors for mounting on masonry or wood.
  • Install Tankless Water Heater as close as possible to the hot water draw-off point, for example, directly next to the shower stall or close to the source water / water main

Water connections

  • A pressure reduction valve must be installed if the cold water supply pressure exceeds 150 PSI (10 bar).
  • Make certain that the cold water supply line has been flushed to remove any scale and dirt.
  • Cold water connection to be connected to inlet side of the unit, hot water connection to be connected to outlet side of unit.