We protect people, businesses, and the useful life of equipment

Walkaline About Us

WALKALINE was established with the aim to

  • Bring international standards to the Local Market 
  • Bridge the trends and lifestyle gap
  • Enable Cost and Energy Savings

Our name defines our goal, mission, vision and objectives

We provide people and businesses with easy access to clean and safe drinking water. Thus protecting people, businesses and equipment with our products and services ensuring hygiene, safety and health in our daily contact with water.

Easy access to clean and safe drinking water

Unity & Humanity


We look to progress towards humanity first above all whether it be our staff, our clients, our partners or candidates.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We are constantly looking to collaborate with interested parties to work on mutual opportunities and common targets to gain market share and deliver results by applying a pragmatic approach with a clear mindset of accountability.

  • Distributors
  • Resellers
  • Constructors
  • Designers (houses, kitchen)

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Since incorporation in 2017, we continue to strive and research for innovative and disruptive solutions to offer our customers the most cost effective water treatment and heating products, services, technology and support services, while safeguarding the resources of our blue planet.

Committed to the long term

Based on our clear strategic direction, choices, trust, respect and engagement, we are keen to build long-term relationships internally and externally

Walkaline Expertise in Water Treatment product and services


We make sure products are intelligently designed for ease of use, enable access to clean, safe water and require little to no maintenance and are manufactured in accordance with proven world class manufacturing technology to meet the uncompromising quality and stringent requirements of our valued customers.

We are keen to build strong relationships with our consumer base, clients and partners across continents. Thanks to our industry specific teams who are all knowledgeable in their own rights and specialise from consumer and commercial market to industrial sector.


All our products have undergone independent testing and certification in various markets.


All products and materials used in the production of our products have passed US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, and all components that come in contact with water are US FDA compliant as food grade materials.


Currently our products are independently tested by accredited laboratories against global standards, including the National Safety Foundation (NSF International). 



All of our products are tested against US EPA standards for safe drinking water.


WHO report on the recommended quality water.

hardness in drinking water WHO.pdf


Sustainability is on top of our minds and we are continuously working to improve the sustainability of our supply chain and the ease of recycling our products and components. We believe our Water Filtration System is a step in the right direction towards avoiding single-use plastic water bottles. We are currently evaluating a recycling program and its associated environmental footprint, please check for new updates soon about our recycling program!