Water Filter & Hot Water Systems

Water is an essential part of Homeowners, Residents and Tenants on a daily basis

  • Water Filter & Purifiers are a standard amenity fitted in every kitchen that offers pure safe drinking water at the point of use. 
    • Nano Filtration System works best where TDS (total dissolved solids) levels in water are at 300 - 500 /low and the source of water is primarily treated municipal water. 
    • RO + Nano Filtration system are suitable for hard water where in TDS (total dissolved solids) levels are high and the water source is from underground, supplied by tankers and are untreated.

3 Stage Water Filtration Systems with under sink setup


  • Water quality is different across the country, across town, and even across the street. It can even change over time.

Drinking Filtered water from the faucet

Drawing filtered water from the faucet


  • Usual contaminants in water are: Bacteria, virus, chlorine, odor, lead, cysts etc, 
  • Water filtration systems are designed for easy access to safe drinking water
  • Meet the International Quality Standards set by the World Health Organization, so you, and your family, can fill your glass and drink without thinking twice.

Kitchen Electric Tap/Faucet


  • Connect our Kitchen Electric Tap & Water Filtration System and you get the crystal-clear filtered Instant Hot water 
  • Water Filtration System filters out bacteria, viruses, chlorine taste and odor and impurities, including protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium and more
  • Electric Tap provides you with Endless Instant Hot Water. Tap is concealed and Elegant Kitchen/Pantry and is superior in performance & energy efficient

Kitchen Electric Tap with 3 Stage Under sink filters

Electric Tank less Instant Shower Water Heater

Shower Water Heater Installation Picture

ELECTRIC TANK LESS INSTANT SHOWER WATER HEATER can unlock extra space, reduce energy consumption and the ongoing cost to residents.

  • Compact and space saving Tankless Instant water heaters can be conveniently placed close to the location of where hot water is required.
  • Tankless instant water heaters are ideal for Apartments, Condominiums and Landed Properties as a true point of use instant hot water system. 
  • Placed close to the point of use minimizes the length of pipe required to deliver hot water to the outlet and as such deliver hot water to the outlet faster.
  • This results in saving water and in addition energy losses are reduced which occur when water cools down in the pipe work between draw offs