Commercial Property Construction Site (Malaysia/India)

  • Differentiate your offering to potential buyers by providing them built in Water filtration system and  Instant Water Heater on your latest development project(s)
  • While builders and developers want to offer the best, escalating project costs are taking attention out of it
  • We at Walkaline understands this perspective and offers solutions that appeal to both buyer and developer.

Property buyers are aware of

  • Oversupply (properties available) in the market
  • Range of in home built quality & amenities options offered by various property developers

FACTS: Most residents and homeowners when they move into a new home 

and these appliances consume a lot of energy and waste water

Residential Construction Site (Malaysia/India)

Tank less Shower Water Heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Unlock extra space, reduce energy consumption and the ongoing cost to residents.
  • Tankless instant water heaters are ideal for apartment developments as a true point of use Shower water heaters. 
  • Placed close to the point of use minimizes the length of pipe required to deliver hot water to the outlet and as such deliver hot water to the outlet faster.


Property Managers

Effective property managers thrive in maintaining the property by

  • Saving the cost & energy
  • Reducing the risk
  • Enhancing the physical and financial aspects of real estate holdings and
  • most importantly satisfies each party's needs.
  • while improving NOI (Net Operating Income), ROI (Return On Investment), ROE (Return on Environment) and the property itself.

Property manager operating process involves managing many factors. 

  • Operational Problems You May Not Realize Are Related To Water Treatment
  • Treating water is one of the major operating goals of Property managers for various reasons. The most effective method to treat and distribute water is pre-filtration.

Pipe Scaling and Corrosion

Water Meter

Water Treatment is important to 

  • Protects the value of technical equipment from wear and destruction 
  • Improves the quality of materials and is often necessary to make them usable. 
  • Reduce consumption, thus allowing limited resources to be used economically 
  • Maintain the basis of life by ensuring that unwanted contaminants are kept out of the cycle of nature.


Point of Entry (POE) Purification System

Supply clean water on all taps, and keep costs low while safeguarding 

  • Bio-fouling and scaling of pipes
  • Reduce energy costs, and 
  • total cost of ownership while extending the useful life of equipment's

The most common water concerns are hard water, high iron, hydrogen sulfide, radium, arsenic, chlorine, and other impurities that affect the overall taste, smell, feel and look of your water. Based on a thorough water analysis, our certified professionals will customize a water filtration system designed specifically for your needs.

Centralised multimedia filtration system

Centralized POE Purification systems are the ideal choice as a pre-filter or pre-treatment for Municipal or City water, saving industrial equipment, cooling towers, office coffee service equipment (OCS) or other commercial uses. 

Municipal or City Water Treatment



Prevent premature biofouling, to extend the life of pipes, pumps and reduce the cleaning frequency, maintenance downtime and reduce energy consumption without the use of chemicals or system pressure drop.
Remove legionella bacteria and reduce cleaning frequencies of cooling towers, sump water systems, humidifiers, evaporative air coolers, and large central air-conditioning systems.
Reduce particulate matter, prevent clogging and extend the equipment life of water nozzles, sprinklers, micro jets, micro sprayers, mister nozzles, and drip emitters.


Our teams of water treatment engineers are available to perform local and remote treatment projects at a timely notice. We take a consultative approach to developing treatment methodologies, where we interview our customers to determine project goals prior to mobilizing equipment.

The foundation of our water treatment program has been built around project flexibility. When projects are complex, WALKALINE often offers multiple treatment technologies in sequence in order to meet project treatment goals, recycling criteria or discharge standards.




We will make sure our products are installed at the highest industry standards
We will make sure our products perform and run on optimal conditions to reduce any down time risk
Our professional contractors have vast experience in FRP, HDPE Concrete Tank Cleaning and shall render their service accordingly

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