Water Filter Troubleshooting tips

Replacing Filters: 



Possible Causes
What to do
Filtered water seems to have tiny black particles ?
New filter contains activated carbon, which is food grade safe
Turn on the water faucet and allow these harmless carbon particles to purge from the filter (canister). Turn off water faucet when water is clear
Chlorine taste and/or odour in the filtered water ?
The filter (canister) is no longer removing chlorine from the water supply
Replace the Eco Combo filter
Dispenses filtered water very slow (low filtered water flow)
  1. Water Pressure may have reduced from the source / Water flow from the source is very low 
  2. Filter installation may be too far from the source water connection
  3. Source water is either very dirty 
  4. you haven't replaced the filter as per stated replacement period the filter (canister) may be clogged
  1. Install pressure tank / pump no more than max 60psi
  2. Filter installation has to be close to source water connection (if under sink/table top installing the filter close to the faucet will improve the flow)
  3. Recommended source water connection to be Govt/Municipal water with TDS below 500.
  4. Please replace the filter(s) as per recommended replacement period (as the filter ran out of it filtration life)
Water leaking at
  1. fittings
  2. filter (canister)
  1. Tubing may not be installed properly
  2. Filter (canister) is not inserted properly
  1. Insert/push the tubings properly
  2. Insert the filter (canister) properly
No water dispensing from the filter
  1. Shut off valve or main water supply may be turned off
  2. Filter (canisters) were not installed properly
  1. Open shut off valve, switch or open main water supply
  2. Ensure filter (canisters) are properly / fully inserted to the filter head