Electric Faucet/Tap Trouble Shooting Tips

Trouble-Shooting Tips:


Possible Causes
Corrective Actions
1. Inlet and outlet fittings leaking
  • Fittings not tight
  • Rubber washer worn-out
  • Tighten fittings
  • Replace rubber seal ring
2. Hand shank in close mode, but there is still water coming out
  • Valve core failure
  • Valve body failure
  • Contact local service
  • Contact local service
3. Outlet water flow is too low / slow
  • Filter net of bubbler scaled or blocked by impurity
  • Inlet water pressure is too low
  • Disconnect the bubbler and clean the filter net
  • Increase the water pressure
4. There is noise while turn off the water flow
  • Water pressure is too high
  • Turn off hand shank too fast
  • The water pipe wasn’t fixed well
  • Turn down the water flow
  • Turn off the hand shank again
  • Reconnect the pipe
5. Hands feel little tingling when touch hot water
  • The appliance is not properly earthed
  • Connect the earth line properly
6. No heating
  • No power supply
  • The knob didn’t toward to hot water position
  • The power board keep off mode
  • Manual Reset thermal cut-out cut off
  • Heating element failure
  • Correct power supply
  • Turn the knob toward hot water position
  • Press *** to turn on the power board
  • Contact local service
7. Too high outlet temperature
  • Setting temperature is too high
  • Thermal Cut-out cut off
  • Touch “–” to decrease the temperature
  • Contact local service
8. Outlet water flow has reduced or lowered
  • Inlet strainer or bubbler was blocked
  • Inlet water pressure became lower
  • Clean strainer or bubbler
  • Increase the inlet water pressure
9. Display E1
  • Outlet temperature ≧58℃
  • Please make sure there is water supply, shut off the power supply then power on again, the E1 will disappear
10. Display E3
  • Outlet temperature sensor failure
  • Replace outlet temperature sensor


Note: Always turn off the power supply before servicing your unit

The appliance require no regular maintenance. However, to ensure consistent water flow, the following is recommended

  • Install a filter in the front-end of water inlet of the electric hot water tap
  • Periodically remove scale and dirt that may build up at the sprayer of the tap
  • The filter net at the water inlet should be cleaned from time to time. Please turn off the water flow before doing this
  • If you will not use this appliance for long time, please disconnect the plug

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