How Water Electrolysis and Ionizer Works
8 min read

The simple meaning of Electrolysis is chemical decomposition produced by passing an electric current through a liquid or solution containing ions.

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Alkaline and Ionized Water Explained ?
4 min read

The pH (potential of Hydrogen) value is from 1 to 14, with 7 as neutral. Values below 7 indicate acidity which increases as the number decreases, 1 being the most acidic.

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5 min read

In simple words: Electric Tankless Instant Water Heaters are Efficient, Energy Saving, and Last Longer than Geyser or Storage Water Heater

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4 Features of Ionizer and its correct Usage
9 min read

Features categorized in order of importance and how to use different pH levels of water for drinking and cleaning

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Microplastic contamination in bottled water
1 min read

Microplastics in bottled water gets WHO (World Health Organisation) attention and WHO launches health review after microplastics were found in 90% of bottled water.

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Uncovering pH and its benefits
7 min read

There are lot of articles and blogs published every now and then about water and not much in detail about pH and the related content. We brought it all together here for you to read

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